Visesha Pooja

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Visesha Puja known as Chaturdasa Kalasa Visesha Puja as 14 Kalasa’s (vessels) are used for the performance of this ritual.


Visesha Puja Darshan Details:

The main specialty of this weekly seva in Tirumala  is Tirumanjanam( Holy bath in other words Abhishekam) which is performed after reciting the slokhas. 7 out of 14 vessels contain pure water and remaining contains oil, rice, ghee, curd, milk, leaves (Bilva) and pancha gavya. All these ingredients are used for the holy bath.

Ankurarpana and Punya Vachanam are done to Utsava idols. The 5 Sukhtas called as pancha sukhtas are recited. These 5 sukhtas represents Bhu(earth) , Nila( Sky) , Narayana (Lord), Purusha( Man) and Sree( Woman).

Harathi is offered to the Lord at the end of this seva along with Poornahuthi and Naivedhyam.

Visesha Pooja Timings:

This weekly seva in Tirumala is performed only on Mondays. The starting time is 7:30 A.M and should be reported 45 minutes prior to the ritual.

Visesha Pooja Ticket Cost and booking details

This weekly seva tickets cost is Rs.600/- per head and 1 big laddu along with one vada are given to the ticket holder. At the end of the ritual, one blouse piece which is offered to Malayyappa Swamy will be given to the ticket holder.

Book the tickets 3 months in advance through online or from TTD e-portals since it is very difficult to get a ticket. If there are any last minute drop outs then tickets can be brought in Vijaya Bank counters on the day before.

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