Vasanthotsavam Seva in Tirumala

The festival which has been started during the realm of King Achyutharaya of Vijayanagara Dynasty in 1463 A.D and is being celebrated in the month of April every year.

Vasanthotsavam Seva Significance:

This Annual Sevas in Tirumala is celebrated for three days starting from Chaitra Trayodasi and ending with Chaitra Pournami.

This festival is celebrated as a reminder for the arrival of summer season and end of spring season. Lord Venkateswara along with his wives Sridevi and Bhudevi are given a leisure bath with aromic salts to give soothing relief from the scorching sun.

One day before commencing of the festival, i.e. on Uttarabhadra, nine different seeds are sowed which is called Ankurarpanam. Then on the three days the ritual starts with Punya vachanam which is followed by Vaasthu Santhi and Samprokshanam.

Punya Vachanam: The purification of all the things which will be offered to the Deities.

Vaasthu Shanthi: This consists of 2 phases.

  1. Worshipping the Lords of nature and their elemental forces-
  • Agni – God of fire
  • Vaayu – God of Air
  • Varuna- Lord of water
  • Prithvi – Lord of earth
  • Akash – Lord of Ether
  1. Worshipping the deities of guardians of eight directions.
  • Kubera- Lord for North direction
  • Yama – Lord of South
  • Indra – Lord fro east
  • Varuna- Lord for west
  • Isana – God of North east direction
  • Agni – God for South east direction
  • Vayu – God for North west direction
  • Nirrthi – Lord of South west

Samprokshanam: Lastly holy water will be sprinkled on the rituals by temple’s main Archakas. This is a symbolic representation of tidying.

These three segments of Vasanthotsavam are not open to public and are taken place in Ekantham. After this, Sri Malayappa Swamy along with Sridevi and Bhudevi are brought to Vasantha Mandapam, where the actual ritual takes place. The whole place will be decorated with fragranced flowers and garlands. It is believed that the aroma from the fresh flowers gives a fresh air of relief for Lord Venkateswara and his wives from the rushed heat. Snapana Thirumanjanam is the main specialty of this annual seva in Tirumala. Holy bath with Aromas is given to Sri Malayappa swami and his consorts on first two days. On third day all the deities from three Yugas-

  • Lord Srirama and Seetha along with Lakshmana and hanuman of Threta-Yugam
  • Lord Srikrishna along with Rukmini and Satyabhama of Dwapara-Yugam
  • Lord Malayappa Swamy(Lord Venkateswara) along with Sridevi and Bhudevi of Kaliyagam

are brought to Vasantha Mandapam and Abhishekam will be performed followed by Vedic Mantras.

Vasanthotsavam Sevas Darshan Booking:

The ritual starts at 1.00 P.M. Advance booking, 90 days prior is available online or in e-counters. All the ticket holders are taken for darshan of main deity after the ritual.

The Annual seva Tickets cost is Rs.300/- per head for one day. Two small Laddus and one Vada will be given along with each ticket. Gents will be given Silk piece upper and Ladies will be given a Blouse piece after observing the ritual.

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