TTD Electronic Dip System- Step by Step process

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Once you successfully login to your account, you can see all the services of TTD. (Special Entry Darshan, Accomodation, Seva, Seva Electronic DIP, Kalayna Vedica, Hundi, Donations). Please check out Registration process, if you not aware.

Tirupati Darshan Booking – Electronic Dip Process:

Step 1: Click on Seva Electronic Dip (Electronic Dip initiates is take up to provide transparency in allotting the seva tickets and cater seva tickets to a wider section of pilgrims.)

Seva Electronic Dip Instructions:

  • Registred users can submit seva electronic dip registration form within stipulated timeframe by filling in pilgrims details and seva options.
  • Thomala Seva, Archana, Suprabhatam, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu and Nijapada Darshanam are made available for Seva Electric Dip.
  • Only Aadhaar Card for indian citizens and Passport for NRI pilgrims would be accepted for registration
  • Modifications are not allowed once the form is submitted. [Please fill carefully]
  • Registration is allowed only if seva is not availed within last 180 days.
  • TTD reserves the right to cancel the registration incase of multiple registrations made by same persons.
  • Seva Tickets will be allotted the pilgrims based on the random allotment process.
  • Seva Allotment status will be send through SMS and Mail
  • Selected pilgrims have to make the payment within the stipulated timeframe only, by logging into TTDSEVAONLINE either thourgh Seva Electroic Dip module or through transaction history.
  • Seva Allotted pilgrims are not allowed for availing Seva for the next 180 days from the seva date.
  • The Whole process of registration and allotment process is published on the portal transparency,

Step 2: You have to accept the above terms and conditions as shown in below screen shot.

Step 3: Enter pilgrim details and select the number of tickets. You have to provide Aadhar card number. Give passport number if you are not residents of India.

Click on Continue

Step 4:  next step you can select the seva and date. [Seva, Seva Timings, Seva Reporting Time and you can select the date and time]

  • Thomala Seva Rs. 220/-,
  • Archana Seva Rs.220,
  • Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Rs 1250/ 
  • Suprabhatam – Rs 120/-
  • Nijapada Darshanam – Rs 200/-

Choose Your Seva and date:

You will receive Form id for Electronic dip System for future commnications

Seva Allotment status will be send through SMS and Mail ,  Selected pilgrims have to make the payment within the stipulated timeframe only, by logging into TTDSEVAONLINE either thourgh Seva Electroic Dip module or through transaction history.

You will get an email shown below

Seva Electronic Dip results will be published on “date” . You can check your Electronic Dip status at / / your email and SMS.

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