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Tiruppavada means “veil”- a shield. The shield from the powerful eyes of Lord Venkateswara.

Tiruppavada Seva Drashan Details:

The main deity of Lord Venkateswara will be covered only in dhoti and Angavastram (Pai pancha). All the ornaments including the one covering the head of moola Virat will be removed along with the flowers. The Namam (made of Kasturi) on the forehead of Lord venkateswara is reduced to a thin size which leads to the witnessing of divine eyes of the Lord. Normally during other days the Namam on the forehead of Lord Venkateswara covers half of his eyes but on this week day, one can have a good view of the powerful eyes of lord venkateswara.

A gold plated tray which is about 6 feet large is placed in front of the golden doors (Bangaru vakili). Large amounts of Tamarind rice are cooked and huge heaps of this cooked rice is placed on the plates in a trapezoid form. This process is called Annakutotsavam.

After performing the Annakutotsavam, the large Namam is removed and a thin line just covering the place between the eyebrows is adorned. It is believed that the Lord’s gaze immediately after opening the eyes should not fall on a Mortal as it has so much power and humans cannot with stand it. The tamarind rice therefore acts as a shield thereby decreasing the intensity of its power.

Along with the tamarind rice there are also other favorite items of Lord Venkateswara such as Laddu, Jilebi, Appam, Payasam. Whole mandapam is deposited with heaps of Flowers, Kumkum, Sandal Paste and coconuts. After lighting the deepam, the main Archakas of the temple recites vedic chants throughout the entire ritual. It is believed that the one who  performs this seva will not face any food struggles in his/ her life.

Tiruppavada Seva Timings:

The ritual starts at 6:15 A.M and the reporting time is 5:00 A.M. The weekly seva tickets cost is Rs 850/- per head. One big Laddu, 1 vada , 1 Jelebi along with 1 Tentola are given to each ticket holder. After the completion of ritual one blouse piece or one silk cloth upper is given to the devotee depending on the gender.

This weekly seva in Tirumala is performed only on Thursdays. It is very difficult for the temple to perform Annakutotsavam and changing the namam on Friday itself due to heavy rush and continuous Poojas on that day. So TTD has introduced this seva on Thursdays. The Namam will be changed to its actual size on early hours of Friday during the time of Abhishekam.

The tickets can be brought at vijaya bank counters through electronic dip system. The best way is to book 90 days in advance at TTD e-portals present in different cities.

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