Suprabhatha Seva

This is the foremost of all the daily sevas in Tirumala. This ritual is performed to wake up Lord Venkateswara from his celestial sleep.

Suprabhatha Sevas Details:

The Acharya’s of main temple recites the 70 Slokhas of Suprabhatam( Kausalya –Supraja- Rama) in front of the main deity. After the completion of this seva, the golden entrance of the main temple (Bangaru Vakili) will be opened.

The ritual consists of 70 slokhas which will be recited in four phases.

  • Suprabhatam: It consists of 29 slokhas meant to wake the lord from his celestial sleep.
  • Stotram: These are the 11 chants of Lord Vekateswara. In other words different names for the lord.
  • Prapatti: these 16 slokhas are meant to submit ourselves to Lord srinivasa
  • Mangalasasana: These 14 slokhas represents the fame. Prestige and Magnificence of kaliyuga daivam.

After awakening the god, teerdham( cow’s milk is mixed with honey and butter) is offered along with harathi. Except during the Dhanurmasam this Seva is performed daily.

All the devotees including children of age more than 3 years can participate in this ritual. Children with age below 12 years have free entrance.

Suprabhatha Seva Timings:

This daily seva is performed in the early hours from 3.00-3.30 A.M. All the pilgrims’ who have purchased this daily Seva’s  tickets should be present 2hrs before the original commencing time as there is no particular order for the queue.

The temple authorities follow first come first policy i.e. if you are first in the queue then you will be nearer to the golden entrance.

Suprabhatha Seva Ticket Cost Rs 200/ –:

The Suprabhatha Seva ticket cost is Rs 200/- per head. Around 200-250 devotes are permitted to view this seva daily. The tickets are issued in vijaya bank counter but it is better to book the tickets in advance in online.

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