Sri Kalahasthi

It is one of the famous Shivaite temples and is located at a distance of 46 KM from Tirupathi. Both bus and train facilities are available to reach this place. Non-stop buses are available for every 10 min from Tirupathi. This place is also called as Dakshina Kailasam.

The temple history says both elephant and snake have fought and died for seeking the blessings of Lord shiva. Then Lord shiva made his appearance and given moksha to both the animals and this place is named after them. Rahu and Kethu pooja are famous here. It is believed that People facing ill effects due to planetary positions in their birth star after performing this pooja lives in good health and fortune.

Generally after taking blessings of Alimelu Manga of Tiruchanoor, people come here to perform Rahu-kethu Pooja.

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