Special Entry Darshanam

Tirumala Tirupati Seegra darshanam or Special Entry Darshan:

This is a Special darshan introduced to provide quick darshanam for the pilgrims. The cost per head is Rs 300/- and each ticket offers two Laddus for free. The tickets can be taken around the clock. Advanced booking is also available in counters and through online portal. The slots will be allotted depending upon the number of devotees visiting the temple. The pilgrims can also make Hundi offerings while booking the tickets.

  • Seegra Darshanma or Special Entry Darshan Booking Price – Rs. 300/-
  • 10 members are allowed at a time and each member will get 2 laddus.
  • You can book online at ttdsevaonline.com.
  • Pilgrims can book Special Entry Darshan tickets for the current day 3 hours prior to Darshan Slot subject to availability of Quota.
  • 3 months in advance you can book the tickets.
  • Pilgrims can make eHundi Offering while booking Darshan tickets.
  • Reporting time will be 1 hour before darshan time.

Special Entry Darshan Timings

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