Pushpa Pallaki

Pushpa Pallaki:

As the name indicates this annual seva in Tirumala is celebrated by taking the Lord on a Palanquin( pallaki) decorated with flowers(Pushpam).


This special occasion is a custom followed by TTD and has been introduced recently. Generally, the temple accounts begin from July and after completion of each year, on July 16th, an Accounting Festival is celebrated. This grand durbar festival of Lord Ventateswara is also called as Anivara Asthanam.

On this day, all the accounts of the previous financial year will be submitted to the main deity. All main officers of the temple deposit their signs of positions at the Lord’s feet and take them back. It is believed that Lord Venkateswara holds their respective positions as the Lord himself finds them suitable for the posts they are designated. A new book for the current financial year will also be opened on this day.

The devotees are allowed to participate in the evening celebrations where the Lord will be taken a round on the four streets surrounding the temple on a Pushpa Pallaki. Sri Malayappa Swami and His consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi are adorned with beautiful flowers and valuable ornaments and are taken out on a celestial ride.

Annual sevas booking:

There is an advance booking available but it is not a compulsion to book the tickets in advance as tickets can also be purchased the day before in Vijaya Bank counters. As the Lord is taken on the tour in the temple streets, it is also a open spectacle for all the devotees.

This annual sevas tickets cost is Rs.200/- per head. The ritual starts at 6.00 PM and as the night turns in, it is a beautiful view with all the fluorescent lights and heavy decoration with fragranced flowers. 2 small laddus and vada along with a blouse piece are given to each ticket holders.

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