Poolangi Seva in Tirumala

In the evening after Tiruppavada seva ,  all the precious ornaments from the main deity of Lord Venkateswara are removed. The lord is covered in a velvet gown from his crown to his feet and will be decorated with beautiful flowers and variety of garlands. This decoration of flowers is called poolangi seva.

Sudhi-cleaning of temple is performed during this time. Except Senkhu-chakram and Lakshmi Haaram all other jewels are removed including the one that covers the eyes (also called as tiruman kappu).

The specialty of this weekly seva is Neetra Darshanam- One can get a view of the Holy eyes of Lord Venkateswara.


Poolangi Seva Timings

The seva takes place from 9 P.M-10 P.M. It is better to gather one hour before the time of seva at Vaikuntam Complex-1.

The tickets can be booked in advance or through e portals run by TTD which are present in almost all districts.

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