This Utsavam is celebrated every year in the month of August (Sravana Masam as per Telugu calendar). This Annual seva in Tirumala was first started by Mallaiah Deva of Saluva Dynasty in 1700 A.D and is being continued from then. TTD has introduced some charms to this festival later in 1980’s.


Srivari Pavithrotsavam is celebrated on Ekadasi, Dwadasi and Trayodasi, three auspicious days of Sravana Masam. This is also known as Festival of Purification.

On all the three days, Homam- a prayer offered to pure fire is taken place in Yagasala which is situated inside the Temple. Then Thirumanjanam is performed to main deity as well as all processional deities of Lord Venkateswara with Turmeric, Sandal paste, milk ,curd and honey followed by pure water from Akasa ganga.

Day 1: Ankurarpanam is performed with nine types of cereals that are sowed in an earthen container.

Day2: Special pooja will be held for Pavithraalu (silk woven holy threads). These threads have five unique colors namely Black, Blue, Red, Yellow and green. Each of them has their own significance. All the Pavitralu are tied around head, neck, waist of the main deity along with other deities inside the temple including Vimana Venkateswara Swami, Yoga Narasimha Swami in Ananda Nilayam and Sri Bhuvaraha Swami in Swami pushkarini.

Day 3: Visesha Samarpana is the specialty of this day’s ritual along with Homan and Tirumanjanam. The three day ritual ends on this day after performing Poornahuthi which takes place inside the main temple.

It is believed that, this festival is celebrated to seek the pardon of Lord Venkateswara for their acts of omissions done unknowingly by the priests while performing daily rituals to the deity. Whole the process is carried out as per tradition written in the Garuda Purana. The silk threads adorned to the Lord on the 2nd day of the Utsavam are woven from special grade cotton grown especially for this purpose in Narayanagiri Gardens where the holy Tulasi plant is meant to be grown.

On all the three days after the completion of the ritual, the processional deities of Sri Malayappa Swami and His consorts are taken out on a pleasure ride around the temple.

Annual sevas booking:

Advance booking is not available for this seva. Recommendations from higher officials are to be submitted at JE office and selected candidates will be allowed to this seva. Sometimes the same will be accepted in e-counters too.

The Annual sevas tickets cost is Rs 2500/- per head. The ritual starts at 8.00 AM in the morning. 5 small laddus and 2 vadas are given to each ticket holder. Pattu Pavithram adorned to the Lord will also be given to each person along with an art silk upper for gents and a blouse piece for ladies.

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