Padmavathi temple in Tirupati

This famous temple is located in Tiruchanur which is also known as Alamelu Mangapuram where the main deity of Goddess Lakshmi is present. It is located at a distance of 5 KM from Tirupathi and is approximately 18 min drive. Both bus and train routes are available but many people prefer bus route.

According to the history, this place was once ruled by Akasa Raja, father of Alamela (Goddess Padmavathi). Lord venkateswara performed deep penance for 12 years near Pushkarini and then Goddess Lakshmi has given darshan to him as Goddess Padmavati on a red lotus flower in the Pushkarinni now located behind the temple. Subsequetly the powerful goddess was wed to Lord Srinivasa. The whole history according to Padma Purana can be seen on the inscriptions inside the temple.

The temple opens at 4.50 AM and closes at 9.30 AM daily with an exception of Friday when it opens at 3.00 AM.  The tickets will be issued from 4.50 AM in the counters. They can be purchased the day before in advance or on the same day.

  • Kumkumarchana will be carried out daily from 12.30 AM to 4.00 PM and the ticket cost is RS.200/- per head.  Ekantha seva costs about Rs.25/- per head and is also taken place daily.
  • On Fridays two special sevas are available. One is Abhisekham and it costs Rs 400/- per head and other is Vastralankarana Seva which costs Rs 1000/- per couple .
  • On Mondays Astadal Pada Padma Puja will be performed and the ticket cost is Rs.300/- per head.
  • On Thursdays Thiruppavadai will be performed and it costs Rs 600/- per couple.

It is believed that after visiting the main deity of Lord Venkateswara in Tirumala , devotees must visit Alemelu Manga of Tiruchanuru to complete the process of darshan of visiting Tirumala.

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