Kapila teertham

This place is located at a distance of 4 KM from Tirupathi Railway station and 3.2 KM from main bus station. Free bus facility is available which is run by TTD. This place is named after kapila muni that is a Shivaite and performed the penances to lord Shiva and Parvathi and the couple presented themselves. The Lingam present here is believed to be a Swayam bhu.

This place is located at the foot of Seshachalam hill range and the water from the hills directly falls into the Pushkarini beside the temple. It is believed that on Karthika Poornima, all the Teerthams from three worlds (Brahma loka, Bhu loka and Paathala Loka) merge as one into kapila teertham for 24 minutes. Any person who takes bath in this water at this particular period will attain moksha. During this time one can see Agoras (people who follow shaivism and have no internal and external relations with the world) from all over India.

Before going to Tirumala, one should take bath in this pushkarini and seek blessings of Lord Shiva. It is believed that it demolishes all previous sins and helps them to see Lord Venkateswara with new eyes.

The temple timings are from 5.00 AM – 8.15 PM. During Karthika Masam, Siva rathri and Vinayaka Chavithi special poojas are carried out and in the remaining time this place is quiet without much rush.


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