Abhishekham – Tirumala

This is also called as Poornabhishekam. This is the most ancient weekly seva performed to Lord Venkateswara starting from 1500 A.D. According to the history , Samaavai, a pallava queen presented the silver idol of Bhoga Srinivasa which is considered as the small replica of the Moola Virat. The day on which she gifted was an auspicious Friday –Sravana Nakshtra Akshaya Thriteeya which is also considered as Lord Ventateswara’s star. So on Fridays the weekly seva of Abhishekam is started to the Main deity.

Every Friday after Suprabhatha Seva, the regular Thomala and Archana Sevas are done in privacy and then Srivari Abhishekam is observed. This happens to be the most ancient Arjitha Seva that is being observed in the hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara.

The 5 Sukhtas namely Purusha, Sri, Bhu, Neela and Narayana along with selected slokhas are recited by main archakas of the temple. The holy bath is also held for Goddess Lakshmi present on the left side (chest area) of lord venkateswara by applying turmeric paste.

Along with the water from Akasa teertham, milk ,curd ,honey and coconut water , the devotees who attend this seva are given one vessel which contains all the ingredients required for Ahishekam like Powdered karpooram, Saffron paste, small amount of civet oil, chandanam etc. All the Arjitha Grihasthas carry the vessels around the inner temple accompanied by Mangala Vayidyam. All these vessels are collected by main Archakas and use the items for Abhishekam of main deity.


The starting time 3:30 A.M and reporting should be done half an hour before the start of the ritual at Supadham.

This weekly seva tickets cost is Rs.750/- per head and 2 small laddus and 2 vadas are offered for each ticket holder. The devotees can buy 2 types of vessels for this weekly seva in Tirumala. One is Civet Vessel and the ticket cost is Rs 300/- per head and the other is Musk Vessel which costs Rs.150/- per head. For both these 1 small laddu and 1 vada are offered along with the ticket.


Advance booking is available 90 days prior to seva at all e-portals. Biometric process is introduced for the correct identification of the devotee. Vijaya bank counters also offer tickets the day before the seva.

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